Rethink FRx, Management Reporter & Forecaster to Reimagine Reporting and Budgeting

Are you still using FRx which is no longer supported? Are you using Management Reporter but not getting the robust reporting your company requires? Did you know Microsoft discontinued development of Forecaster? It is time to take your financial reporting and budgeting process to the next level with a CPM solution. Listen to this webinar to learn about how your role in Finance

can make better sense of the abundance of data from Dynamics and all other data sources (ex. CRM, HR, etc.) and offer valuable insight to your company to make strategic decisions. Join Melissa Harrell, SVP, Corporate Controller, ChanceLight, a leading provider of health and education solutions for children & young adults, as she discusses how her Company integrated Dynamics and Prophix to move beyond manual processes and reduced their budget timeframe by 40%.